i hate bras, mostly

It’s true I’m fairly liberal and back in the day would’ve probably joined in the burning of bras. If I were honest, as much as I’m all about feminist ideals, I’m equally annoyed with wearing the damn things. I have the worst luck finding two things in this life: lipstick colors that don’t make me look like a painted lady (not that there’s anything wrong with that), and bras that don’t make me want to scratch my boobs off.

Lately, I’ve taken to wearing sports bras because I’ve been so fed up. And as comfy as they are, they don’t exactly cut a flattering figure under my girlie t-shirts. I have a great set of boobs, I’ll be the first to admit it. You have to have some favorite parts of yourself. It’s healthy.

So a few weeks ago Mary Alice Stephenson put a call out on Instagram for people who were using Glam 4 Good and if so, she would send them a Maidenform wirefree bra. Most of you know that I am all about showing women their beauty through photography, so I spoke up.

It came today. (!!!!) I was anxious for it to be awesome but hesitant to hope too much because bras hate me. Like, they have meetings conspiring against me. But it feels great! No wires cutting into me. The straps are long enough for my amazon torso. Makes a sexy shape under my t-shirt. The girls don’t fall out when I bend over; a huge annoyance usually.

I feel pretty…and comfy.

Isn’t that the point?



Thank you Mary Alice and Maidenform for the fabulous bra! I still believe nothing beats ripping off a bra at the end of the day, but when I do have to wear one, this just might be my new go-to.

breanna + zach {e-session}

breanna+zach-476-1wThe engagement sessions continue and I couldn’t be more excited to capture people in love when the spring is blooming everywhere. I mentioned to Breanna and Zach during their shoot that I am loving the artists of all types who are hiring Chris and I for their weddings and other shoots. I wonder if this is going to be my thing: artist to the artists. :)

Seriously though, these two are no exception and while I knew that Zach is a musician and instructor for aspiring musicians, Breanna is also passionate about pottery and sculpture. In fact, I just got word yesterday that they were able to buy her first pottery wheel. I am super excited for her!

We did their session in Baldwin City, Kansas, around Baker University where Breanna attended and Zach supported her. ♥ It’s such a cute little town and the university grounds were so alive with color. To say I’m excited to shoot their wedding in September is an understatement. They are just two of the most gentle, kind people with beautiful souls. The world needs more people like them for sure.

I’m trying something new for e-sessions (and maybe other ones too), because I take a lot of photos per session. And like I tell my clients, I’m here to capture a story; of you and of our time together. That’s the difference between lifestyle photography and other types of sessions. So it only made sense to find a way to showcase their session in a more cohesive way. Let me know what you think of the slideshow with music. (finding good music that is legal to use is a challenge for sure)

Of course, feel free to mute the music, but I really think it adds so much to the story and mood. (make sure to watch it in HD!)

every woman

Every woman that I photograph is on a journey. Every woman is in a different part of that journey. when I set out to start this boudoir project, I didn’t really know what to call it because while it technically is boudoir, it is so much more. I had a desire to photograph a woman honestly, with very little photoshop. To put real images into the world. To document her in a different spectrum than maybe she is used to seeing herself in. In all the photography I’ve done, that has always been my goal: to show you what I see. In that respect, the women that come to stand in front of my lens are very brave. They understand my goal and are saying, “Yes. Show me what you see. ” 

No one has ever come to me and said, “Please make me into something else.” In fact, a few of those people have found me and while they didn’t say that, I know it was there because they weren’t happy with the results. Some people aren’t ready to see what I show them.

It’s not my job to make women beautiful. They already are. All of them. It’s my job to give them permission to be honest. It’s my job to document that honesty in front of me. In whatever form it takes. To me, what we find in that moment of their lives is beautiful.

When I did most of my self portraits, I was documenting and processing a very dark time in my life. When I look back at them I see sadness and strength. I see beauty in the breakdown. I see beauty in all parts of our journeys as women, especially.


It’s my desire to capture that. Every woman I’ve photographed so far has a story to tell. Sadness, worries, triumphs, shells coming off, fears about herself, joy over new-found strengths and light. Always light.

Everyone approaches photography differently. I approach it from an artistic standpoint because I amand always have been an artist. I see things differently, I have creative visions for my images, crazy ideas I want to bring to life, people I want to transform into characters. I also have a passion for documenting the human experience. People that come to me want to be part of my creative vision. Sometimes my creative vision challenges people. Sometimes it scares them, makes them uncomfortable. Sometimes it gives them goosebumps because it portrays an honesty that we don’t see in a lot of photography  out there currently. All those feelings we feel when looking at anyone’s art are a good thing. What is art, if not to challenge us; to make us feel something honest.

I make art that makes me happy. The people that trust me enough to stand in front of my camera know that and the result makes them happy too. The great thing about art is that we don’t have to agree on what beauty is. I find beauty in all kinds of places and times in life. And I have been a very lucky girl to have so many people trust me enough to let me capture that rare side of them that maybe very few have seen.

All hair and makeup for these wonderful women was provided by Heather Beaver. She is a genius.

stand by

I’ve decided to merge my business blog with this blog. I am a whole person, a whole artist and well, it’s just less complicated that way. I’m going to keep the blog here and just provide a link on my business website as I really dig WordPress.

For all of you that have been following this blog: it just means more content, more looks at my current session work.

For all of you coming from my business blog: a word about this blog. This has been my personal space to write what I want for a few years now. It’s an exercise for me to take ownership of my life and to live out loud and take the risk that some people are not gonna like me. Or hire me. And that’s fine. As you dig through the posts, if you do, keep that in mind. I’ve lived a full life, lived some dark times, lived some amazing times. This is me. It just makes sense for all of me to be in one place.

My friend Anna said it best, “And besides, the artist thing kind of gives you a free pass for dark/crazy.”

In the meantime, expect some site maintenance as I import some of the business posts so they’re all here too. :)