one hundred boy

one hundred boy

Not many people I know now realize this, but I own a pink super girl cape. I wrote a lot about being a super hero a few years ago on another blog and somewhere along the way, life did it’s thing to my brain and my pink cape went into my closet for a very long time.

Until one night, my youngest human came down, not wanting to sleep, scared of something heinous that small humans often feel scared of. We sat on the stairs and I told him about my pink cape. He had never seen it because the last time I wore it, he was just a tiny bean of a human, only concerned for milk in his belly every 20 seconds and clean pants.

The thing I love about 5 year old humans, is that most of the time they believe what you tell them, especially this one.

I take full advantage of that. Of course. My 15 year old human disapproves. Much like he disapproves of my dancing to Young M.C. and telling him he looks dapper from time to time.

Anyway, we sat on the stairs and I explained that I had a secret and it was time for him to know about it. That in my bedroom closet was a pink cape and well, I am actually a super hero. This is the reason we don’t have any monsters in our house anymore. Because a few years ago, I took care of those guys and they’ve never been back. It’s just what happens when I wear my pink cape.

The look on his face was classic. Belief, and yet disbelief. So I pulled the pink cape out and let him hold it. Wonderment filled his face. He asked a few more questions and went back to bed with no problems. Even though I did tell him it was a secret, I think there was at least one time he slipped up and told someone. That was awkward.

But I digress.

One day after school, he came home with this 100 mask for the hundredth day of school. He told me he was One Hundred Boy.

take no prisoners

I asked him what his super powers are. He said he can fly. He can count to 100. He can shoot 100 lasers. And he can fire bend when he sees bad guys. When he makes his fingers like a gun, he can shoot bullets out of his fingers.

And I was never more proud. Because this world is full of heartache, pessimists, jaded people and complacency. If I contribute anything by my time here on earth, let it be a legacy of super heroes. Especially ones who can shoot 100 lasers.

142 thoughts on “one hundred boy

  1. If he’s thinking of flying, just make sure his bedroom is on the ground floor or even the basement. You are quite right. There is a world-wide shortage of super-heros. Especially five year old ones.

  2. Loved this brief glimpse into the world of parents and awesome little “beans”. You reminded me of those days when mine had “100 Day” at school. Super powers AND 100 Boy, he is awesome! You’re a superhero to us all. Thanks for sharing this lovely minute of your life.

  3. I was giggle girl. My superpower was that I could dissolve hatred and anger with jokes.

    Beautiful story! One of my biggest fears is that my (one day) children won’t understand imagination and they won’t understand dreams. I see so many “little adults” that are unaware of the beauty in imagination and inspiration.
    Thanks for the great read!


  4. Such a cute story – Thank you for sharing!! My nieces and nephews get told all sorts of strange things between my husband and I – I don’t think of it as lying, I’m expanding their imagination. :-) Or at least, teaching them what it is to have one.

  5. That is a beautiful story and very nicely written! My boy is 15 months old and he is always looking upto us parents for everything . I cant wait for him to grow up and at the same time I dont want him to grow up so soon..!! I hope we become superheroes for him as well!

  6. My friend and I were just talking about this! I would totally like to fly and be invisible and morph into whatever shape I want. Superheroes are awesome and I would much rather teach my kids about that than some of the real horror that goes on in this world. For now. They will see in time. For now let them fly!

  7. That’s such a lovely story. I have young grandchildren now so can very much relate to it. My guess is that you have contributed more than just a legacy of super heroes.

  8. Hilarious! I too have a pink super girl cape but I keep it in my office. A few months ago I actually had a colleague say, “well super woman where is your cape?” His mouth dropped to the floor when I pulled a cape out of a drawer!!! I now proudly hang it in my office for all to see. Because we moms in many ways are super heros! Thank you for sharing your delightful post! ~ Rae

  9. This is so incredibly sweet and lovely! I love little kids, too. I’ve taught kids that age and adored it. (Although sometimes I felt I was working in a zoo!) Excellent post, and I agree. Too soon do kids lose their innocence, too soon do we forget our super powers. Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

  10. that is awesome that he can s hoot 100 lasers, I wish I would of thought of that. I used to bend the truth (as I called it) when both of my daughters were young and gullible, part of my humor is how I wrote it off, my youngest has certainly gained my humor (oh boy, look out). I was a super hero for sure, but also delved into such odd ball careers as the time I was in the circus (kid was in gymnastics), or when I was a lumber jack and one of my favorites was the spy for the President, yeah thats the ticket.

  11. Great read. In this day and age where most childhood creativity is sculpted by video games, it’s refreshing to see true creativity of the mind being passed among generational ties.

    P.S. – do the still make Underoos?

  12. On a boring weeknight, such a beautiful little story came up on my Freshly Pressed page and made me smile. Made me go into the eyes behind the 100 mask and smile away. Thank you for that. And I will surely look forward to reading more here.

  13. Grab that Pink Cape and use your own super powers!!! What a wonderful read. :) ps I am brand new to the whole blog world and would love feedback from a writer like you. This the link to my very first blog if you get a chance ;) :) Following you nooooow (in my best super girl voice) ;)

  14. Grab that Pink Cape and use your own super powers!!! What a wonderful read. :) ps I am brand new to the whole blog world and would love feedback from a writer like you. This the link to my very first blog if you get a chance ;) :) Following you nooooow (in my best super girl voice) ;)

  15. Ok that settles it I’m going out to buy a cape now, like right now. My son is only 11 months but that way I can wear it now and have it when needed. I love that you told him you were a super hero.

  16. What a wonderful perspective on motherhood. We can all take it so seriously sometimes, but need to remember that it’s our sense of humor and lightheartedness that our kids should appreciate most about us :-)

  17. Just found your post on Freshly Pressed; I LOVE it!! and we chose the same theme…awww, now if I can only learn to take photos like you and get as many followers I’ll be one happy mama x

  18. Just wanted to say what a lovely story! I’ve been having a rubbish few weeks, but this made me smile. We all need something to believe in.

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